Scientific Studies


Scientific studies have shown that horses travel better in the reverse facing direction. This orientation allows horses to better balance themselves during travel. Our unique design has many safety features that make it the best reverse load horse trailer design out there. 

Better Balance


  A natural, or effortless balance is maintained by a forward lean over the forequarters, freedom of movement of the head and neck, and lack of threat from behind. Horses can most easily maintain their balance facing away from the direction of travel.  

More Stable


A horse’s body was most stable against abrupt stops when the horse was facing backward rather than forward. Transporting restrained horses with their heads facing backward is a rational way.

Less Fatigue


  Horses in the rear facing direction are better able to balance themselves while the trailer is in motion.  Any sudden slow downs will cause the horse to brace with their stronger rear end. They can also lower and stretch out their head to counter balance. This orientation is easier on the horses resulting in less fatigue, less stress, and a more natural ride. 

Side Ramp For Walk-on/Walk-off


  One of the most stressful moments for a horse is when they are asked to back off of a trailer. Our side ramp allows handlers to load from the side, walk their horse into a rear facing stall, then walk directly off the back of the trailer to unload. Double hinged partitions make it easy to maneuver within the trailer and your horse will never need to back off again! 

Emergency Access To All Horses


 This is another major safety improvement not found on other slant load horse trailers. Our trailer layout and side ramp door allows you access to horses located in the front most positions in case of an emergency. On a conventional slant load trailer, all horses in the rear would need to be unloaded before you can access that front horse.